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ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT Downingtown Area Historical Society and its mission...


A Safe Way to celebrate

With all of the events of this unprecedented year, Luminaria is a safe way to celebrate the holidays with your neighbors, family, and friends. 

History of Luminaria in Downingtown

For years, the people of Downingtown and the surrounding area have contributed to the holiday tradition of Luminaria!
Please join us in ringing in the new year and holiday season by lining our neighborhoods, homes, and walkways with beautiful candle luminaries

Supporting our cause

Each luminary purchase helps the Downingtown Area Historical Society maintain its headquarters and research facility, located at the Ashbridge House in Ashbridge Square. Our mission is to keep history alive for current and future generations, and there’s no shortage of history in Downing’s Town!

Did you know?

The Luminary Tradition in Downingtown dates back nearly 62 years!
The Downingtown Area Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization

Luminaries are a beautiful addition to your holiday theme

Light the night on December 24 2020


The luminaries consist of a votive candle placed in 2-3 inches of water inside a base, dropped inside a white paper bag. (See photo below).  Participating families line the street in front of their house and if desired, their driveways and walkways, too!  The luminaries are placed 3 feet apart and everyone lights their candles at approximately 6:45pm. Luminaria is for everyone – feel free to get your neighbors on board to spread the awareness for a whimsical lighted holiday event, for a great charitable cause!

We should have several hours to enjoy the impressive sight as we anticipate Santa’s arrival!  If you will not be home to light your candles, but you wish to participate, a neighbor can light your candles for you!

How many should you order? The number is entirely up to you! A standard driveway might require 30-40 Luminaries. You can always order more!

How do I place an order?

Contact the Downingtown Area Historical Society to place your Luminary Order:





DECEMBER 11, 2020

Other ordering methods...


VIA TELEPHONE (leave message):


Place your order today! While supplies last! 

Orders will be picked up, DAHS will notify you via email when you order has arrived!

Pick up dates: Subject to Change - 12/6, 12/13, 12/20


best wishes for a safe and happy new year!!!!



Luminaries are available in bag and candle sets for $1.00 each. Candle bases are also available as an option for an additional $1.00. The best way to display your luminaries is to take the base and fill it up with water, it includes a plastic stopper.


You then place the base in the bag, and the candle in the slot on the base. The base serves to hold the candle in an upright position and keep the bag from being blown around by the wind. Some people skip the bases and fill the bottom of the bag up with sand, but we feel that the bases are a better alternative

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